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About Us


Greece 4 × 4 Raids, created by George Margioris was born from a passion for travel and especially with 4x4 vehicles which dates many years back.


Since 2011 George organizes 4x4 tours in Greece and his only objective is for you to take pleasure out of your travel and to make you discover the authentic and preserved Greece by the superb dirt tracks that only he knows better.      



5 reasons why to choose Greece 4x4 Raids

  1. After six years, George has proved his worth in more than 200 participants from France, Belgium and Switzerland, on the effectiveness of the excellent organization of raids, road books and waypoints without errors, honesty and professionalism which impregnates it.
  2. The stages are organized meticulously and are the most spectacular, unusual and authentic. Where others do not go!! The tracks are therefore exclusive and everyone can travel at their own pace and evolve freely thanks to the road book and waypoints.
  3. The distance and driving time per day is well balanced for your lunch brakes, your sightseeing visits and to finish at the bivouacs / hotels end of afternoon.
  4. Your organizer / accompanist George is present on the raid (car broom) and always at your listening.
  5. Most participants (individual or 4x4 clubs) have travelled 2 and 3 times different raids and others have already completed all the raids proposed. It's a good sign!